We offer CARCO photo inspections monday - friday 10-5. Photo inspections are requested from your insurance carrier. If you receive a letter or email requesting a photo inspection please bring the letter and your proof of insurance card when you come in. The photo inspection consists of two parts. The first part is filling out a long form and recording vehicle information. This is followed by taking several pictures of the vehicle. Pictures can not be taken during inclement weather or when it is dark outside. The process takes about 30 minutes to complete. 
  I have run across a decent website i'd like to share that has great information about DIY auto repair. 
My best customers are well informed customers and i think that even if you don't intend to repair your own vehicles, becoming knowledgeable about the problems and repairs will help you from  being taken advantage of. 
  Precision Auto wants you to understand what is happening under the hood when it comes to problems and fixes, so do your research, call and ask questions, become a well  informed motorist.......

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